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  • Friends and colleagues of Professor James Meiss have organized a conference in honor of his 60th birthday, sponsored by the Department of Applied Mathematics. Jim received a Ph.D. in physics from the University of California at Berkeley in 1980. He then moved to Austin Texas to join the Institute for Fusion Physics at the University of Texas. In 1989 he and his wife Mary Sue moved to Boulder where Jim was appointed as a Professor in the new Program in Applied Mathematics at the University of Colorado. [...]

  • APPM graduate Adrianna Gillman, Ph.D. 2011, will begin a tenure-track position at Rice University in the Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics in August 2014.

    Dr. Gillman completed her undergraduate work at Cal State Northridge, where she earned bachelor¹s and master¹s degrees in mathematics. After completing her dissertation, "Fast Direct Solvers for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations," with advisor Gunnar Martinsson, she served as the John Wesley Young Research Instructor in Mathematics at Dartmouth College from 2011 to 2014. [...]

  • Mike Hannigan, an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Vanja Dukic, an Associate Professor of Applied Math, along with colleagues from NCAR and NHRC have recently received funding from the Environmental Protection Agency to study the effects of cookstove pollution on human health, regional air quality, and climate. To read more, see the official CU announcement.  For additional press coverage, see the ClimateWire and Be Boulder articles.

  • Prof. Gunnar Martinsson has been invited to present a series of 10 lectures at Dartmouth College on June 23-29, 2014. The lectures will be the main feature of a meeting sponsored by the Conference Board of Mathematical Sciences (CBMS) and the National Science Foundation, and will survey a body of work developed by Professor Martinsson over the last 10 years, concerning so called "fast direct solvers" for elliptic partial differential equations. [...]