SIAM - Undergraduate Chapter

012-2013 SIAM Officers, CU Boulder:

Co-President: Stephen Kissler 
Co-President: Adam Russell 
Co-President: Brita Schneiders 
Faculty Advisor: Sujeet Bhat
Faculty Advisor: Anne Dougherty

Upcoming and Recent Events:

2014 SIAM Front Range Student Conference
March 1, 2014
The SIAM student chapters of Colorado are hosting their tenth annual regional student conference in applied mathematics for all schools along the Front Range. This event will allow students from different universities in the area to see what is being done in this field and promote interest in applied mathematics in general. This event is open to both undergraduates and graduate students.
Location: University of Colorado at Denver

Some of our activities include meetings, mentor lunches, and field trips. Meetings consist of guest speakers, student and industry panels, and other varying fields of interest. mentor lunches allow undergraduate students to meet a member of the faculty and upperclassmen. All SIAM functions are paid for by the organization, which is all the more reason to get involved!

For more information, stop by the Applied Math office (ECOT 225), or email our Faculty Advisors Anne Dougherty and Sujeet Bhat or one of the officers.