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Recent Publications

Reduced Models for Fluid Flows with Strong Constraints
Julien, K. and E. Knobloch
Journal of Mathematical Physics, v.48:(6), Art No. 065405, 34 pages, 2007. Invited article.

Baroclinic Vorticity Production in Protoplanetary Disks.I. Vortex Formation
Petersen M., Julien K. and G.R. Stewart
Astrophysical Journal, v.658: (2), pp. 1236-1251, Part I, 2007.

Baroclinic Vorticity Production in Protoplanetary Disks.II. Vortex Growth and Longevity
Petersen M., Stewart, G.R. and K. Julien
Astrophysical Journal, v.658: (2), pp. 1252-1265, Part I, 2007.

Saturation of the Magnetorotational Instability; Asymptotically Exact Theory
Julien, K. and E. Knobloch
In Stellar Fluid Dynamics and Numerical Simulations: From the Sun to
Neutron Stars, M. Rieutord and B. Dubrulle (eds), EAS Publications Series, v.21, pp.81-104, 2006. Invited article.

Merger and Alignment in a Reduced Model for Three-Dimensional Quasigeostropic Ellipsoidal Vortices
Burrell N., Julien K., Petersen M.R. and J.B.Weiss
Physics of Fluids, v.18: (5), Art. No. 057101, 14 pages, 2006.

Generalized Quasi-Geostrophy for Spatially Anisotropic Rotationally Constrained Flows
Julien K., Knobloch E., Milliff, R. and J. Werne
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, v.555, pp. 233-274, 2006.

Numerical Simulations of an Asymptotically Reduced System for Rotationally Constrained Convection
Sprague M., Julien K., Knobloch E. and J. Werne
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, v.551, pp. 141-174, 2006.

Vortex Cores, Strain Cells and Filaments in Quasi-Geostropic Turbulence
Petersen M.R., Julien K. and J. Weiss
Physics of Fluids, v.18: (2), Art. No. 026601, 11 pages, 2006.

Saturation of Magnetorotational Instability
Knobloch E. and K. Julien
Physics of Fluids, v.17: (9), Art. No. 094196, 6 pages, 2006.

Wave Dynamics in Optically Modulated Waveguide Arrays
Ablowitz M.J., Julien K., Musslimani Z.H. and M.I.Weinstein
Physical Review E, v.71, Art. No. 055602, 4 pages, 2005.

Blinking Rolls: Chaotic Advection in a Three Dimensional Flow with an Invariant
Mullowney P., Julien K. and J.D. Meiss
Siam J. on Applied Dynamical Systems 4, v.1, pp. 159-186, 2005.

Book Chapters

Rotating Magnetoconvection with Magnetostrophic Balance
Julien K., Knobloch E. and S.M. Tobias
Chapter 5 In Dynamics and Bifurcation of Patterns in Dissipitave Systems, pp. 78-101. Eds G. Dangelmayr and I. Oprea, World Scientific Series on Nonlinear Science Mechanics, Singapore, 2004.

Highly Supercritical Convection in Strong Magnetic Fields
Julien K., Knobloch E. and S.M. Tobias
In Advances in Nonlinear Dynamos, pp. 195-223. Eds Ferriz-Mas and M. Nunez, The Fluid Mechanics of Astrophysics and Geophysics Series, Taylor and Francis, 2003.

Nonlinear Magnetoconvection in the Presence of a Strong Oblique Fields
Julien K., Knobloch E. and S.M. Tobias
Chapter 23 In Stellar Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics, Eds. Prof. Micheal J. Thompson and Prof. Jorgen Christensen-Dalsgaard, 12 pages, Cambridge University Press, 2003.

Conference Proceedings

The Need for Control Experiments in Local Helioseismology
Werne, J., Birch A. and K. Julien
In SOHO 14 Helio and Astroseismology: Towards a Golden Future, Es. D. Danesy, (10 pages) (European Space Agency SP-559) ( 2004)

Pattern Formation in Rayleigh-Benard Convection in a Rapidly Rotating Cylinder
Sprague, M., Julien, K., Serre, E., Sanchez-Alvarez, J.J. and E. Crespo del Arco
In the International Symposium on Turbulence and Shear Flow Phenomena, (10 pages) (Begel House) ( 2005)