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  • Applied Mathematics is central to science and engineering education. As early as 1901 Engineering Mathematics was taught by faculty in the College of Engineering. Engineering Mathematics was organized as a separate Department of Engineering Mathematics in 1901. In 1948 the name of the unit was changed to the Department of Applied Mathematics and the Department granted its first Masters Degrees in that year as well. In 1958 it graduated its first BS degrees in Applied Mathematics. Soon afterwards, in 1962, the PhD degree in Applied Mathematics was approved by the Regents. In 1966 with hiring of S. Ulam by the Mathematics Department, the Applied Mathematics Department in the College of Engineering and Mathematics Department in the College of Arts and Sciences merged. The two departments were joined from 1966 until 1989. [...]


  • Trina was born in the UK but moved to Indiana when she was six, where she grew up. She has a degree in psychology from Purdue University and a degree in general studies from Indiana University. In 2007 she joined the National Guard and was a combat medic until 2010, when she became a logistics and ordinance officer. She recently moved to Boulder and began her new position as the Appm Graduate Student Coordinator because she fell in love with Boulder after visiting about a year ago. She likes to mountain bike, backpack, hike, ski, and be outdoors.

    —Eva Lambek

  • Hoefer received in 2013 and continues to receive funding. Thus far, three publications have been produced as a result of the research. Hoefer said that, “I received the Career award in 2013 to study nonlinear wave dynamics theoretically and experimentally. The grant led to the formation of the Dispersive Hydrodynamics Laboratory, housed in Duane Physics, where undergraduate, graduate students and I investigate soliton and dispersive shock wave dynamics in fluid experiments. [...]

  • SIAM Front Range Student Conference

    The SIAM student chapters of Colorado are hosting their 11th annual regional student conference on applied mathematics for all schools along the Front Range on February 28th. This event will allow students from different universities in the area to see what is being done in this field and promote interest in applied mathematics in general. This event is open to both undergraduates and graduate students.

    Location: University of Colorado at Denver. Check the page here for directions.

    Call for Presentations: All students (undergraduate and graduate) are invited to submit abstracts on any research topic in applied mathematics. Please submit your title and abstract as soon as possible, but no later than February 20, 2015. All titles and abstracts should be submitted to See the call for presentations page for more information. [...]