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Mathematical Visualization Toolkit Version 3.0

Running MVT in a web browser

To use MVT in a web browser, Windows users will need the following:
  • A current version of Netscape/Mozilla (6.0 or better) or Internet Explorer (Netscape recommended).
  • Recent Java plugins (java version 1.4 and up).
    Mac OS X users will need the following:
  • A current version of Safari or Netscape/Mozilla (6.0 or better) (Safari recomended).
  • If you choose to use Netscape/Mozilla, you may need to download the latest Java plugins (1.4 and up).
    Browser Plugin information
    on Windows machines on Linux/Solaris machines Additional Plugin Information
    Resizing MVT in a browser:
  • MVT opens to match the size of your browser window. To make the MVT window larger (or smaller), first resize your browser window: notice that MVT stays the same size. Press the "Reload" or "Refresh" button at the top of your browser: MVT will resize to the new browser-window size, without loosing the tools (plots, numerical answers) open in MVT.
  • Running MVT as an application on your personal computer

  • Install MVT as Java Application
  • Bugs / known issues

    CU Boulder Java Club.