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Uncovering the secret lives of moose reveals so much more about them than first meets the eye. While they seem to spend much of their time eating and roaming, patient observation exposes many surprising aspects of their behavior. They are clever, playful, empathetic, affectionate, and sometimes even a little bit strange and goofy.

The Shiras form one of the least documented subspecies of moose, with little written about the way that these individuals live. How smart are they? Is their eyesight poor? Do they seek the company of other moose? How dangerous are they really? What about sex?

Illustrated with 138 photos and 24 video clips, this book covers basic scientific knowledge about moose in general together with our observations on the behavior of the Shiras in particular. Along the way, we shed new light on their private lives and dispel some of the myths that surround them.

Table of Contents

Main Characters
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Mother Moose
Chapter 3: Dining Out
Chapter 4: Smarts
Chapter 5: At Play
Chapter 6: Buddies
Chapter 7: Head to Head
Chapter 8: In A Rut
Chapter 9: The Shirasic Age
Glossary of Characters
About The Authors

Sample Video

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Some Moose Facts, Observations, & Tips
Taken in part from Ain't Moose Behavin'!
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01  It's a cow, and that's no bull!!! or how you tell their sex.
02  Do they shave??? or how their bells define them.
03  They don't toot their own horns??? or how bulls can be identified by their antlers (they are not horns)!
04  What's with the funny ears??? or how ear irregularities can be used to ID them.
05  They're not naturally aggressive really??? or how to deal with an angry moose.
06  What's that little wobbly thing??? or what it's like being a newborn moose.
07  Is that a small adult??? or how fast calves grow and how long they stay with mom.
08  Where's mommy??? or what becomes of orphans.
09  Who's your buddy there??? or how moose get along (although they don't herd).
10  What's up, boss??? or how moose show deference.
11  Like my rack??? or how moose use their antlers.
12  Are you kidding me??? or when moose of all kinds spar.
13  Are they fighting or hugging??? or how cows play.
14  How long can they go on??? or when cows play ceaselessly.
15  Do moose gambol??? or when moose go nuts.
16  Calves gambol too??? or when calves are most comical.
17  Are they hurting each other??? or when apparent aggression is just play.
18  What are those kids doing??? or how kids always seem to want to play.
18.5  What do you call them??? or why names make a difference.
19  What are those young bulls doing??? or how adolescents up the game.
20  Hey, Ma, how'm I doin'??? or how moose swim.
21  Hey, Ma, where ya goin'??? or how newborns feel about water.
22  Hey, Ma, where you goin'??? or how moms train their calves to swim.
23  Should you be eating on the run??? or how some moose gorge themselves as they swim.
24  Hey, Ma, how'm I doin' now??? or how calves learn to love the water.
25  What did water ever do to you??? or how bulls let off steam in a pond.
26  Are you talking to me??? or how calves take it out on road signs.
27  You messin' with me??? or how moms protect their calves.
28  Who are you??? or how calves look different than adults.
29  What's your name, gorgeous??? or how magnificent calves can become.

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