Hidden Options in StdMap

On Startup:

  Option Key:

Disables the verbose text output. Note that if you turn this option off with the "Change" menu, then this preference is saved.



Change the map parameter WITHOUT resetting the scale to its default

  Shift Key:

As per the usual Macintosh conventions, this constrains curve drawing (e.g. lines are horizontal or diagonal, ellipses are circles, etc.)

  Shift Key:

If the Shift key is down, the print command switches to "Print (Hi Res)" which draws the orbits at full printer resolution. This can be very slow as the print file size is huge!!!

  Space Bar:

Single iterate of the map when in "Single Step" mode or drawing a manifold.


Arrow Keys:

Will increment the parameter(s) of the map. The up and down arrow keys change the first parameter, and the right and left arrow keys will change the second (if any). See "Parameter Increment" to change the step value.


Page Up, Down, Home and End Keys

Will scroll the text in the Output Window in the obvious way.


+ and - Keys

Doubles or halves the number of iterates done between screen redraws (the variable gNiterates). Can speed up the drawing substantially at the expense of response time.

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Last updated: May 13, 2008