Current members

  • Stephen Becker
    Associate Professor
    Head of lab. Joined CU 2014
  • Angran Li
    Postdoc, joint with Alireza Doostan
    since 2022; PhD CMU
  • Drona Khurana
    PhD student (computer science)
    joined CU in 2023, co-advised with Raf Frongillo (CS)
  • K Aditi
    PhD student, ECEE dept
    Started CU 2022. Optimization and quantum tomography
  • Kevin Doherty
    PhD student
    Started CU 2019; DFO; scientific compression; non-uniform convolution for ML
  • Jacob Spainhour
    PhD student
    Started CU 2020. Ultrasound, experimental design
  • Akshay Seshadri
    PhD student (physics)
    Started CU 2018, jointly advised by Graeme Smith and Manny Knill
  • Nuojin (Noki) Cheng
    PhD student, co-advised
    Started CU 2020, main advisor is Alireza Doostan (Aerospace). UQ
  • Alex McManus
    PhD student, co-advised
    Started CU 2020, main advisor is Nicholas Dwork (CU Anschutz). MRI
  • Tyler Jensen
    MS 2024
  • Dominic Rudakevych
    Professional Masters
    Draper scholar, working on ML for aerocapture for NASA missions to Uranus
  • Bhavana Jonnalagadda
    MS in Data Science
    Low-rank methods to accelerate PDE solvers for plasma
  • Cooper Simpson
    MS 2022
    research assistant 2023/2024; 2nd order methods for optimization; non-uniform convolutions for neural nets
  • Claudia Chen
    Undergrad (2022; optimization placement for MEG sensors); MS 2023 (ultrasound)
  • Ibrohim Nosirov
    Summer student (2022)
    at Colorado School of Mines (main advisor Mike Wakin), low-pass methods and HODLR decomposition for kernel matrices)

Our lab also works with many PhD students from other groups (e.g., Liz Strong – see ch 4 of her thesis, Tzu-Chi Yen, Killian Wood, Minah Yang)

Former members

  • Jon Belcher
    2021--2023; PhD from CU Math dept
  • Richard (Richie) Clancy
    PhD 2022
    Now at Northrop Grumman
  • Liam Madden
    PhD 2022 (co-advised with Emiliano Dall'Anese)
    Now postdoc at UBC Vancouver
  • Osman Malik
    PhD 2021
    Now Alvarez postdoc at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
  • Erik Johnson
    PhD 2021 (main advisor Dan Larremore)
    Now working at Archer DX, Invitae
  • David Kozak
    PhD 2020 (main advisor Luis Tenorio, Colorado School of Mines)
    Now working at Solea Energy
  • Zhishen (Leo) Huang
    PhD 2020
    Postdoc at Michigan State University then Applied Scientist at Amazon
  • Eric Kightley
    PhD 2019
    Now working as data scientist at Amazon
  • Jessica Gronski
    PhD 2019
    Now working at Inspire11, formerly United Healthcare Group in Minneapolis
  • James Folberth
    PhD 2018
    Now working at ICR, Inc.
  • Farhad Pourkamali-Anaraki
    PhD 2017
    Now tenure-track professor at CU Denver
  • Spencer Shortt
    MS 2023
    Math dept; randomized a posteriori error estimates
  • Matt Maierhofer
    MS 2019 (main advisor Mike Mozer)
  • Marc Thomson
    MS 2019
    Now working Monolith, formerly Exxon Mobil Research & Development. "Outstanding graduate of the college" (engineering college)
  • Richard Border
    MS 2018 (concurrent with PhD at IBS 2019)
    Now postdoc at UCLA
  • Derek Driggs
    MS 2017
    Finished PhD at Cambridge 2021. Gates-Cambridge Scholarship. "Outstanding graduate in research" (engineering college)
  • Alexey Yermakov
    Undergrad (2022; hyperparameter optimization)
  • Jacob Tiede
    Professional MS 2021
  • Zhuochen (Jaden) Wang
    Undergrad (2020 fast matrix multiplication; 2021 - 2022; geodesic convexity)
    honors thesis. Now PhD in Math at Georgia Tech
  • Will Shand
    Undergrad (2018-20; minimum volume ellipsoids, outlier detection, coresets, locality sensitive hashing)
    Now PhD student at University of Virginia)
  • Samory Buford
    Summer student from Central Michigan University (2021; optimization placement for MEG sensors)
  • Benjamin van Court
    Undergrad (2015-2016, BS Electrical Engineering, BS Engineering Physics)
    Projects: fingerprint analysis using curvelets, formant-based speech editor (DLA program)
  • Jeff Everett
    Undergrad (2017-2018)
    Projects:, theoretical machine learning (DLA program). Now software engineer at Google
  • Cheryl Hansen
    Undergrad (2017-2018; remote sensing of the Chesapeake Bay)
    Now at Ball Aerospace
  • Abby Schmid
    Summer student from U. Chicago (2017; remote sensing of the Yucatan for archaeological ruins)
    Now PhD student at CU Aerospace
  • Ashley Nelson
    Summer student (2017; remote sensing)