Teaching at CU

Summer STEM camp (Aurora and Longmont Colorado)

Thanks to CU Office of Outreach and Northrop Grumman for supporting this

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Statistics, Optimization, Machine Learning seminar

I have been co-running the Stat/Opt/ML seminar with Raf Frongillo (CS) continuously since 2016 (with a break AY 20/21 for COVID-19, and break Fall 2022 for sabbatical).

Here is the StatOptML seminar website

Short courses

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Projects created for my classes

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APPM 4490/5490 ML Theory, Spring 2022

Spring 22

APPM 5650 Randomized Algorithms, Fall 2021

Fall 21

APPM 5630 Convex Optimization, Spring 2021

Spring 21

APPM 7400 ML Theory, Spring 2020

Spring 20

APPM 4720 Randomized Algorithms, Spring 2019

Spring 19

APPM 4720 Convex Optimization, Fall 2018

Fall 18

APPM 4720 Convex Optimization, Spring 2017

Spring 17