James Meiss

James Meiss University of Colorado
I received a Ph.D. from University of California at Berkeley, in Physics, 1980. From 1980-1989 I was at the Institute for Fusion Studies, at the University of Texas. In 1989 I moved to Boulder, becoming Professor of Applied Mathematics.
University address: Department of Applied Mathematics
526 UCB
University of Colorado at Boulder
Boulder, CO 80309-0526
Phone: (303) 492-3731
(303) 492-4668 (secretary)
(303) 492-4066 (fax)
Office: Eng. Center Office Tower (ECOT) 646
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Differential Dynamical Systems

Revised Edition (Jan 2017) ISBN 9780898716351

Differential equations are the basis for models of any physical systems that exhibit smooth change. This book combines much of the material found in a traditional course on ordinary differential equations with an introduction to the more modern theory of dynamical systems. Applications of this theory to physics, biology, chemistry, and engineering are shown through examples in such areas as population modeling, fluid dynamics, electronics, and mechanics. Cover of Differential Dynamical Systems

Differential Dynamical Systems begins with coverage of linear systems, including matrix algebra; the focus then shifts to foundational material on nonlinear differential equations, making heavy use of the contraction-mapping theorem. Subsequent chapters deal specifically with dynamical systems concepts-flow, stability, invariant manifolds, the phase plane, bifurcation, chaos, and Hamiltonian dynamics.

This textbook is intended for senior undergraduates and first-year graduate students in pure and applied mathematics, engineering, and the physical sciences. Readers should be comfortable with elementary differential equations and linear algebra and should have had exposure to advanced calculus.



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Editorial Boards

I retired from being an editor of Physica D as of Dec 31, 1999. Please submit your papers to one of the current editors.

I retired as associate editor for the SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems on Dec 31, 2009.

SIAM Dynamical Systems Activity Group

I organized the 1995 SIAM Dynamical Systems Meeting in Snowbird Utah and have regularly attended each biennial meeting---maybe you saw me at DS23 in Portland? The next meeting will be in Denver in May 2025: see you there! Stay in touch with the SIAG at DSWeb.org. There you will find the online Dynamics magazine, an image gallery, a software library, etc. I publish the recently published books in dyanamcal systems column, and solicit reviewers for the DSWeb magazine.


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