Vanja Dukic, PhD

Faculty, Statistics
Professor of Applied Mathematics
Courtesy Professor of Economics
Vanja Dukic


I received a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Brown University in 2001. I was a postdoctoral fellow and visiting professor in the Department of Statistics at the University of Chicago from 2000-2001. After that, I was an Assistant Professor (2001-2008) and then Associate Professor with tenure (2008-2010) of Biostatistics at the University of Chicago.

I am currently a Professor of Applied Mathematics and a courtesy Professor of Economics at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

My main research interests are in Bayesian modeling, inference, and computational statistics, with applications to a wide variety of fields, ranging from medicine and ecology to risk and insurance.

I can be contacted at:

Department of Applied Mathematics
University of Colorado-Boulder
Box 526; Boulder, CO 80309-0526
tel: 303-735-0919
fax: 303-492-4066


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  • Check out Cornell Math and Wolfram Research companion websites for the TV show Numb3rs, for detailed description of the math underlying the algorithms. Many of the statistics and probability algorithms on the show came from the active Applied Mathematics, Probability, and Statistics research communities. One of the main consultants to the show was Prof. Gary Lorden (Caltech).

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