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Using MVT in your classroom

For tips on how to use MVT in your class room contact the MVT team.

Educational Evaluation of MVT

Today there is a lot of hype surrounding the use of technologies in the class room. Many teachers are now pressured to use things like Power Point, web applications, applets, audio and visual material in their class rooms. We have been integrating such technologies at such a high rate that many teachers and students are frustrated. This is because in our hurry many educators forget to ask themselves if the technologies they are using actually improve the educational experience of their students.

We have been using MVT in the undergraduate Calculus and Differential Equations courses at University of Colorado at Boulder over the last 2 years. After some very encouraging feedback it is time we evaluate the technologies usefulness in a more meaningful sense. We hope to show through a study that MVT's visual presentation of the Calculus material aids students understanding of the subject matter.

We would like to invite you to participate in our beta testing of the software! Through surveys and phone interviews we will be hearing from you and your students what aspects of MVT did and didn't work. This evaluation will help us discover new and better ways to integrate MVT into the Calculus curriculum. We are also very excited for this is the first time we are really sharing MVT with other learning institutions!

To get involved please send your name, email, address and phone to the MVT team. Please include in the email all course(s) that you plan on using MVT in and an expected number of students in the course(s). Please indicate if you will be using MVT online or will be needing a classroom set of CD-ROM's.

Team MVT

526 UCB
Boulder Colorado 80309-0526

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