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Meet the Students Behind MVT

2006 MVT development crew
From left to right: Vanessa Crittenden, Rob Wuest, Jordan Riggs, Tom Josephson, Colin Misare

2005 MVT development crew
From left to right: Luke Palmer, Tom Josephson, Ashely Gordon, Brandon Booth, Jay Jones, Ian Her Many Horses

The MVT development crew during the summer of 2004
From left to right: Tom Josephson, Brandon Booth, Geoff Sanders, Jay Jones, Sarah Macumber (project manager)

Team MVT 2003
From left to right: Joseph Carrafa, Aron Kirschner, Dan Kanopka, Sarah Macumber, Mike Watson (project manager), Jay Jones

Associated Students
Latosha Shepherd (Summer '04) - visiting student from Dillard University in New Orleans Tyler Hartung (Summer '04) - (aka surfer dude) is our business guy
Darrin Gillis - early undergraduate MVT development team Patrick Simek - early undergarduate MVT development team

Darrin and Patrick were part of the first MVT development team and were responsible
for much of the early foundation code. Other early workers included Paula Krage-Sherbinin, Phil Kent, and others.

Korean Exchange Interns
(Spring '05)
Kwangchul Kang KyungSub Lee KiBaek Lee Jungsub Lee Choon-Oh Lee

Associated Faculty
Dr. James H. Curry Dr. Anne Dougherty Bruce Fast - computer sysadmin. Bruce maintains all of the computer systems and labs for the Applied Math Department among other things.

SUN Educational Services
Paul Nelson - worked as the departments contact and oversaw the MVT-developin g interns at SUN from 2001-2003. Paula Serbinin - worked as the project lead on the CU project with James Curry and team from May 2001-Aug 2001.

We would like to thank the following faculty
Adam Norris - professor in Applied Mathematics at CU. Along with teaching some of our Calculus courses he teaches a course in Java programming. He has been an active participant in helping us develop MVT applets and helping us integrate them into the classroom. Jim Meiss Keith julien - one of the first advocates of computational projects and visualization in the Applied Math department's curriculum. In Spring 1998 Professors Julien and Meiss obtained an Engineering Excellence Fund grant to support the proposal "Computational and Mathematical Tools for Differential Equations on the World-Wide-Web." This pilot effort supported graduate and undergraduate students in the development of java-based tools for use in the Calculus and Differential equations courses. This resulted in one of the earliest versions of MVT.
Ryan Girard - full-time faculty member in the Department of Mathematics at Front Range Community College. He received his Masters in Applied Mathematics from CU Boulder in 2003 and has been a math content specialist for NSF Graduate Teaching Fellows in K-12 Education (GK-12). He has also worked as Math content developer at Sun Microsystems to incorporate JAVA technology with MVT to create blocks of instruction. Dr. Congming Li - one of the first advocates of computational projects and visualization in the Applied Math department's curriculum. He helped introduce computational projects into the Calculus and Differential equations courses in the form of labs and online assignments. He played a supportive role and helped obtain grants which were used to develop curriculum for the Calculous courses. His role in integrating technology into the classroom lead to the conception of softwares like MVT in the department.

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