Applied Math 3010, Fall 2016
Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Chaos

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  1. We will do the Standard Map Lab on Wed 11/29 in Claire 111. Be there!

Course Information

Class: MWF 12FLMG 103
Instructor:J. MeissECOT 236
Office Hours:M 2:00-3:30, W 1:30-3:00Other times--by appointment
Text Strogatz, S. Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos (2nd Edition, WestView Press)

Standard Map

Chaos is a relatively new area of applied mathematics that has influenced everything from spacecraft trajectories, the design of lasers, ultrafast spectroscopy, the design of micro-mixers, and stock market analysis to even psychology, drama, and literature. Our study will begin with simplest of systems—one dimensional dynamics and progress to systems with more degrees of freedom (We will move nonlinearly through the text!). Our study includes differential equations and maps, bifurcations and catastrophes, and the qualitative analysis of dynamical systems. The emphasis will be on dynamics that model real world phenomena.


A (somewhat out of date!) list of software for dynamics—much of it free—is at <http://[5].html>. I will use a Macintosh (or iPad) for classroom demonstrations, and extensively use the software Maple and Matlab.

Programs & examples